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VPN: Best Service for Live Streaming

Everyone is cutting chords and moving to online legal live streaming services to watch the favourite sporting events.

Below is all the information you need to know about which are the best VPN services to help you live stream.

VPN for live streaming: Why you need it

In this article we’ll give you all the best VPN advice you in 2019 to help with your online live streaming access.

A VPN – Virtual Private Network – is an invaluable tool for internet use in 2019.

Take the following Premier League example.

You’re a UK resident who pays for Sky Sports to watch Manchester United in the Premier League and Champions League.

It’s matchday, and you want to login to your Sky Sports account to live stream the Man United match.

But there’s a problem. You can’t access Sky Sports from outside the UK. You’re blocked out of your account.

A VPN would solve this common situation in a flash as it helps to unlock geo-blocking.

VPN: How does it work?

VPN: Best service for live streaming and watching videos – what they need.

The three main elements of a VPN are that it’s virtual, it’s private and it’s a network.

Breaking down those features, privacy is arguably the most important factor.

A VPN will protect you online as your location remains private, your activity is encrypted, and your data is kept anonymous.

Without a VPN, your computer’s I.P. address reflects the exact location where your logging onto the internet from. That keeps you and your data exposed.

A VPN offers virtual access while ensuring your data passing through encrypted servers which protects your privacy against hackers and data thieves.

A VPN will also trick websites when it comes to tracking your location.

We’ve already discussed the scenario above about accessing Sky Sports outside the UK.

But the examples are far more extensive. They include live streaming and watching Netflix, Fubo TV or HULU outside the US, to watching BBCiPlayer and shows like Match of the Day outside the UK.

VPN: Best Service for Live Streaming – some are better than others

When it comes to knowing which VPN service to subscribe with, the maxim ‘you get what you pay for’ comes to mind.

Prices for VPNs can vary from company to company. But the cheaper you pay, the more problems you’ll likely to encounter.

Some VPN services even fail to hide your IP address completely.

Best VPN services for live streaming

Our top 3 VPN services for live streaming are as follows: ExpressVPN, CyberGhost and NordVPN.

We have extensive and detailed individual brand reviews for ExpressVPN, CyberGhost and NordVPN.

Read the different brand reviews to help decide which service provider is best suited to your requirements.

VPN & Fubo TV

There’s a good reason why many are leaving the likes of Sky to move to Fubo TV instead.

If you’re sports obsessed, you need to watch Premier League, Champions League, plus all the Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG and Benfica access possible, these days it costs.

In the UK, both Sky Sports and BT Sport have TV broadcasting rights to Premier League and Champions League games.

That means football fans need to fork out for both channels, and even still you’ll need to pay more for La Liga and Serie A which are broadcasted on Eleven Sports.

Subscribing through BT to get Sky Sports and BT Sport will cost £69.49 a month. That price goes up to £85.99 a month with Sky.

By contrast, the basic Fubo TV plan is just $44.99 a month, while the Fubo Extra plan is $49.99 a month.

Fubo TV carries the following channels: NBCSN, CNBC, USA, NBC Universo, Telemundo, beIN SPORTS, beIN SPORTS en Español, NBC (in select cities), FOX (in select cities), FS1, FS2, FOX Soccer Plus, FOX Sports Net, Univision, Univision Deportes, UniMas, One World Sports.

Which Fubo TV you’ll be able to live stream the Premier League, La Liga, Liga MX, Women’s World Cup 2019, MLS, Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup, Primeira Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1.

Fubo TV also has the Fight Network which broadcasts MMA, UFC and boxing events.

Fubo TV offers new users a 7-day free trial.

How much does it cost to watch football without a VPN?

UK football fans will need to subscribe to three different services if they plan to have access to every single broadcasted Premier League match in 2019-20.

Those services are Sky Sports, BT Sport and Amazon Prime.

However, in order to watch every televised football match in the UK next season, including Serie A and La Liga, fans will also have to subscribe to Premier Sports and Eleven Sports too.

In a shocking revelation, UK football fans will need to spend £1,026.64 to have access to every live game this season.

The breakdown in costs is as follows:

Sky Sports = £420BT Sport = £335.88Premier Sports = £119.88Eleven Sports = £71.88Amazon = £79

Total = £1,026.64 Per Year

How to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK

Can you watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK?

Without any additional help, non UK residents cannot watch or live stream BBC iPlayer from outside the country.

However, if you are in Europe, America or even Australia, you can access BBC iPlayer if you have a VPN.

Why is BBC iPlayer blocked outside the UK?

The BBC website says the following:

Due to rights agreements, you need to be in the UK to stream and download programmes or watch BBC TV channels.

Geo-blocking technology means that anyone trying to access BBC iPlayer outside of the United Kingdom is automatically blocked.

BBC iPlayer & UK TV Licence

The BBC insist the everyone who uses BBC iPlayer must have a valid UK TV Licence.

Previously, you only needed a licence to watch TV being broadcast live, however that changed in 2016.

How a VPN helps access BBC iPlayer

A VPN will help you bypass the BBC iPlayer’s geo-blocking so you can watch and stream your favourite shows.

How does that work? When you sign up to a VPN service, you send your data through their local services, i.e servers in the UK, and it’s those servers which connect to BBC iPlayer.

By joining the virtual private network, you connect to the BBC iPlayer through a local UK IP address.

One more key point you need to know about a VPN.

A VPN will protect you online as your location remains private, your activity is encrypted, and your data is kept anonymous.

How much does a VPN cost?

ExpressVPN offering three pricing models.

One month access is available for $12.95.

A six month subscription offers a monthly rate of $9.99 (billed at $59.95).

ExpressVPN offers all new users a free 30-day trial. That’s an unbeatable offer.

ExpressVPN: Three months free offer

ExpressVPN also offer all new subscribers a special ‘three months free’ deal.

Start a 12 month package with ExpressVPN and receive the 3 months free special deal.

That lowers the monthly cost to $6.67 (billed at $99.95).

Again, ExpressVPN offers all new users a free 30-day trial.

How much do VPN companies pay for influencers to promote their product?

This issue came up during a recent Casey Neistat podcast with H3 Podcast.

Casey Neistat, the hugely popular YouTuber with over 12 million subscribers, openly discussed how much NordVPN are paying him to promote their product.

In some of his recent YouTube videos, Casey Neistat promoted NordVPN to his massive audience.

Interestingly, Casey Neistat revealed to H3 Podcast that he was actually using NordVPN before they approached him about an advertising deal.

Neistat said that some brand will pay “hundreds of thousands of dollars”, reaching six-figure sums.


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