Revealed: The worst player in FIFA 18


Everyone loves FIFA 18

Back in September, the first leaks came through ahead of the release of FIFA 18.

There now seems little doubt that FIFA has emerged as the number one football simulation game on the market.

Nevertheless, Pro Evolution Soccer remains in the battle at least and it will be fascinating to see how both games fare in the coming months.

Cristiano Ronaldo: The best player on FIFA 18

It was always likely that Cristiano Ronaldo would be named the best player on FIFA 18.

Cristiano Ronaldo has improved further from FIFA 2017.

On FIFA 17, Ronaldo had a rating of 94 and he led Leo Messi (93) and Neymar (92).

On Cristiano Ronaldo’s FIFA 18 he’s got a rating of 95!

Tommy Käßemodel is FIFA’s worst

But who is the worst player on FIFA 18?

29-year-old Tommy Käßemodel, who is on the books of German second tier site FC Erzgebirge Aue, has been discovered as the worst player in the game.

Käßemodel has a score of 46 out of 100 in the smash-hit computer game.

Tommy Käßemodel in FIFA 18

Tommy Käßemodel in FIFA 18

Some of Käßemodel’s stats are as follows: 23 pace, 42 shooting, 48 passing and 36 defence.

But is the ranking harsh? Very possibly, as Käßemodel has yet to play a single match for Erzgebirge!

In fact he’s not even a footballer. He’s the Erzgebirge’s kit man.

But it’s worth noting that EA Sports didn’t make a mistake including Käßemodel in their game.

Erzgebirge have actually signed Käßemodel to their squad. That’s because he fulfills a German league requir

ement that every club needs to have four players in the senior squad who were brought through from the academy/youth system.

See pictures of Erzgebirge’s kit man in action below.

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