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New Destination for Outcast Van de Beek at Manchester United

What’s in the future for this outcast?

Van de Beek


Finishing up his loan to Frankfurt, van der Beek is looking at a return to Old Trafford, as the German club apparently has no intention of taking him on full-time. However, it doesn’t look like the team back at United will be happy to have him back either, so what’s in the future for this outcast?

Donny van der Beek rejected from Frankfurt

Donny van der Beek was signed by Manchester United in 2020 after earning a name for himself on the Dutch football scene. However, as seems to be the curse of Man United, his time with the Red Devils has been a stark disappointment, and he’s found himself constantly benched to the point that he’s played matches in the single digits over the past two years.

United loaned him out to German club Eintracht Frankfurt with multiple aims: getting him back into the game for a return to form, and in the hope that Frankfurt would be willing to take him permanently. Unfortunately, he’s only made six appearances, with one slightly insulting showing where he was subbed off after being subbed in earlier that same match. 

While there haven’t been any public announcements from the people involved, news sources have confirmed that Frankfurt has no intention of signing van der Beek and is shipping him right back to Manchester. 

United Hoping to Axe Several Players Over Summer

However, as van der Beek returns to Old Trafford, he isn’t the only player Manchester United hopes to axe over the coming months. Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who finalised his position as club co-owner earlier this year, has been vocal about his plans to replace as many as 12 players in his pursuit of restoring the club’s former glory — and yes, van der Beek is among them. 

He may prove to be one of the hardest players to get rid of, though. He’s contracted until 2025 at the least, and trying to sell him off to another team will prove challenging at his current asking price. 

Donny van der Beek himself has expressed a desire to return to the field and just play some good football. He’s starting to feel his extended benching. Whether it’s with Manchester United or another club, he’s just looking forward to getting back on the pitch.

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