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How Arsenal Will Celebrate if They Win the Premier League

Emirates Arsenal

The last time Arsenal won the league was 2003-2004, 20 years ago this year, so winning is very important to both fans and the team; as such, if they win, Arsenal plans to celebrate in style. The plan is to hold a three-hour long bus ride around Islington, requiring road closures and other operational requirements, all of which need planning in advance.

Currently, Manchester City leads by only two points, gained from drawing in two more games than Arsenal. With both teams having only one game left to play, Arsenal needs to win their final game on Sunday, 19th May, and hope for a Manchester City loss or draw to secure the Premier League title. Both teams have had highly successful seasons, both winning all of their last 5 games. 

Provided that Arsenal finishes top of the table on Sunday, the parade will take place on Monday 20th at 5 pm, finishing at 8 pm. It will make a lap of Islington Town starting and finishing at the Emirates. They are set to stop at the podium atop The Armoury store at roughly 7 pm. Please note that road closures will be put in place from 4 pm. Islington Council will send out letters to inform residents of plans. 

If you are an Islington resident, here is some information regarding the event that you will need to know:

  • Road closures are put in place from 4 pm (Monday 20th) to around 9 pm.
  • Buses will be on diversion routes.
  • Parking suspensions will be put in place by 8:30 pm.
  • Bike hangers will need to be emptied by 10 am Monday.
  • Matchday parking restrictions will apply.
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