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First Major Controversy in Champions League Final Between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund as Club Warns Fans of Ticket Scams

There were a lot of requests for just 25,000 tickets

Champions League


Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund are asking fans to be alert to ticket scams and their consequences ahead of the Champions League final showdown at Wembley on June 1st. 

With so many requests for just 25,000 tickets, both clubs have issued warnings to Dortmund and Madrid fans ahead of the final that purchasing tickets and authorisation codes via unauthorised channels is strictly prohibited.

Fans must be vigilant when they see tickets for the final on sale via unauthorised and unofficial platforms. Only tickets purchased directly from the clubs are legitimate.

Ticket Purchase Platforms to Avoid

It has been strongly advised to avoid purchasing tickets or authorisation codes from unauthorised platforms. These include but are not limited to sites such as Viagogo, StubHub, eBay or classified ads. 

These platforms have not been authorised by Madrid or Dortmund to sell tickets for the final and is not only risky to purchase, but violates the General Ticket Terms and Conditions and UEFA’s General Terms and Conditions.

More information can be found here:

Dortmund Working with Law Firm to Combat Illegal Sales

In order to tackle and try and put a stop to the illegal trading of tickets, the German finalists have starting working in close cooperation with a law firm. 

A relationship that now spans across a number of years, they work together to ensure sellers who put up tickets on the black market are consistently prosecuted and warned.

Any unauthorised ticket sellers identified can expect serious consequences which we have listed below.

  • Blocking of the tickets in question without replacement
  • Exclusion from the purchase of tickets
  • Loss of additional membership benefits
  • Cancellation of their season ticket
  • Payment of a penalty fee of up to £2,145 (€2,500).
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