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Erik ten Hag Imminent Dismissal Confirmed

How much longer until he finally gets the boot?



Manchester United has seen one of its worst seasons in history in 2024, and many people are turning to the current manager, Erik ten Hag, to lay the blame. How much longer until he finally gets the boot? Well, according to an insider, not very long at all.

Ten Hag Hanging onto “Borrowed Time”

We’ve seen talk of Ten Hag being sacked for almost half of his time with United, and it’s reached the point where, even if by some miracle he manages to take the win at the FA Cup final, he’ll be gone by the end of summer.

Up to this point, Ten Hag has denied rumours of his impending dismissal, claiming the Glazers have ‘common sense,’ but the new co-owner Jim Ratcliffe seems eager to make sweeping changes — and switching out the manager is likely to be one of them. On top of that, now that we have the word of Keith Wyness who, on The Inside Track podcast, revealed his thoughts about Ten Hag being on ‘borrowed time,’ we can be pretty confident we’ll be seeing the back of him soon enough.

Ten Hag has been criticised for many issues throughout his stint at Manchester United. Fans believe he’s failed to establish a consistent playstyle that distinguishes his team from that of past managers, leading to players doing as they like on the field and failing to work as a team. He’s also shown himself stubborn, doubling down on mistakes instead of trying to work around them and move forward, contributing to his terrible performance since 2022. Arguably worst of all, though, is his terrible press front, failing to adequately explain his team’s failures and getting defensive in interviews, which doesn’t endear him to fans and foes alike. 

Will Sacking Ten Hag do Anything?

There’s much to say about Erik ten Hag and his tenure as United manager, but you can’t lay all the blame at his feet. Many fans agree that while he’s got his issues — and those are some major issues — Ten Hag entered the position at a time when Manchester United had made a lot of poor transfers and had a lopsided team that needed some serious work put into it. 

The new co-owner, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, seems to agree with this sentiment with his outspoken designs to replace almost the whole team within the next year or two, starting with as many as 12 players over the summer.

It may be a cold comfort, but at least Ten Hag isn’t the only one for the chop. The mess that Man United has found itself in is the product of many years of questionable decisions. We can only sit back and wait to see what the future holds for this team, but with a bit of luck, we may get to see some exciting football soon enough.

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