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Alexander Ceferin: Welt interview reveals new details on Man United & Juventus betrayal

Ed Woodward

UEFA president Alexander Ceferin talks to Welt

On Sunday, German paper Welt have published a brand new interview with UEFA president Alexander Ceferin.

Ceferin has exited one of the most tumultuous weeks in football’s recent history in a powerful position.

After years of threats, the biggest club sides in Europe saw their hopes and dreams of creating a Super League implode in just 48 hours.

In the meantime, UEFA passed new reforms to expand the Champions League, while many are hoping that the ‘Dirty Dozen’ – the 12 clubs who tried to launch the Super League – are now punished.

Ceferin reveals new details on Man United & Juventus betrayal

Welt questioned Ceferin about how he learned about the Super League last weekend.

In his answer, the UEFA president singled out Manchester United’s Ed Woodward and Juventus’ Andrea Agnelli for particular mention:

Thursday a week ago, the Vice President of Manchester United (Ed Woodward) called me. He told me how great he thought our reform plans for the Champions League were, and that his club fully supported them. It was a very nice conversation.

What Ceferin said about Ed Woodward last week.

The next day there was an ECA meeting. There, all twelve clubs were also represented – the ones who went on to announce the Super League a little later. They all supported our plans, they praised us.

Andrea Agnelli, the President of Juventus Turin, even chaired the meeting!

Then, on Saturday I got a call that supposedly ten or eleven clubs had signed a charter for the Super League and they would publish it on Sunday. I was shocked! 

I was in the car, on an eight-hour drive from where I live in Slovenia to Switzerland, and I am behind the wheel.

I called Juventus President Andrea Agnelli and asked what was going on. ‘A lie, don’t believe it, trust me,’ he said.

I replied: ‘Then let’s draw up a press release and get rid of these rumours.’ He agreed: ‘Write a statement and send it to me.’

I stopped at a gas station and wrote a few lines. He called me back shortly afterwards, wanted to make a few changes, ‘give me a quarter of an hour’. That was our last contact. After that he was no longer available and the cell phone was off.

Then the bomb burst, and when I drove back to Slovenia two days later, 3800 text messages came in on my cell phone. It was crazy.

Ceferin & Agnelli: Relationship is dead

Welt probed Alexander Ceferin about his current relationship with Juve’s Agnelli.

It’s been well-documented over the past week that, away from football, Ceferin is the godfather of Agnelli’s daughter.

However, that relationship appears to be in tatters, as the UEFA president confirmed he no longer speaks to Agnelli:

There is no longer a relationship. And there will never be a relationship again.

The worst day was Saturday because I then realised that it was pure treason that some people had lied to us for years.

We should be surprised with Alexander Ceferin’s latest comments about Man United’s Woodward & Juve’s Agnelli

Last Monday, Ceferin used the words ‘liars’ and ‘snakes’ to called out Man United’s Ed Woodward & Juve’s Andrea Agnelli when news of the Super League broke.


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This article was edited by Tom Canton.

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