Video: Chelsea fans protest potential Ricketts family ownership

A number of Chelsea fans have been protesting the possibility of the Ricketts family taking over their club.

As 101 has already covered, the Ricketts family flew to London in a bid to convince Chelsea supporters they can lead the club to a bright future and are confident they are among the front runners to buy out Roman Abramovich.

However, Chelsea fans are not too happy about their potential ownership and would get ‘#NoToRicketts’ trending on Twitter last month.

As per, ‘this comes after leaked emails via Splinter were re-posted from 2017 revealing Islamophobic remarks by Joe Ricketts.

The most shared of the quotes across Chelsea fans on social media referred to Islam as a “cult” and revealed the patriarch of the family commenting that “Muslims are naturally my (our) enemy due to their deep antagonism and bias against non-Muslims”.’

Chelsea fans protest

Elsewhere, on Friday, Thomas Tuchel suggested that the Ricketts family would have to deal with the consequences of the quotes and that, if fans protest, they have to deal with that:

“Nowadays you have to deal with it and you have to face the consequences if you are responsible for these kind of quotes. You have to face the consequences,” Tuchel said on Friday.

“If one of the consequences is that the fans do a protest or give their opinions you have to deal with it.”

And now, on Saturday, protest is exactly what some Chelsea fans have done.

As shown in one of two videos shared by Goal’s Nizaar Kinsella, Chelsea fans protesting can be heard chanting: "F*** off the Ricketts, you're not wanted here."

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