'Two sides to every story' Manchester United's Marcus Rashford hits back at criticism following Champions League defeat

Marcus Rashford has hit back at video footage that emerged of him appearing to swear at some Manchester United fans following their 1-0 defeat to Atletico Madrid that knocked them out of the Champions League.

Footage circulated on Wednesday morning of the English forward seemingly swearing at some fans who told him that coming to see them was 'the least you could do after that performance'.

However, taking to Twitter, Rashford denied this wholeheartedly, and revealed what actually happened.

'A video can paint a thousand words and in this case lead to inaccurate info being shared on social media', he began.

'Guys for weeks I've been heckled, threatened, questioned and last night my emotion got the better of me. I'm a human being.'

'Reading and hearing that stuff about yourself every day it wears you down. No one is more critical of my performance than me.'

'But', the Manchester United man continued, 'what you see in the video lacks context'.

'I want to clarify two things. The first being what I actually said to the man throwing abuse at me which [was] 'come over here and say it to my face' (a fact security can back up) and secondly, the fact I used my forefinger to direct the fan.'

'I did not gesture with my middle finger', he claimed.

Rashford's torrid season

While his work off the pitch remains invaluable to so many, on the pitch Rashford has really struggled in Manchester United colours this season, to the point where his place in Gareth Southgate's England squad is certainly no longer secure, and even the November World Cup in jeopardy.

Whether he can thrive under a new manager, or will need to seek pastures new, is a story for the summer. For now, however, it isn't clicking.

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