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Barcelona hack: Real Madrid old boy Angel Di Maria announced

Barcelona’s social media hack

It was a bad night for FC Barcelona on social media.

With almost 12 million followers on Twitter, it didn’t take long for people to realise that something odd was happening.

Through the night, FC Barcelona’s official Twitter account posted three updates which revealed it had been hijacked.

OurMine behind the hack

The hack was supposed carried out by a group called OurMine (Security Group).

They used one of their three tweets to reveal their identity, as well as offering contact details for FC Barcelona to reach them at.

In their first tweet, OurMine called for fans to “get #FCBHack trending on twitter!”

Real Madrid old boy Angel Di Maria announced

The most mischievous tweet, however, was the third one.

With Barcelona still looking to replace Neymar after his move to PSG, the hackers announced that Real Madrid old boy Angel Di Maria was signing for the club.

Of course, that was a lie. The Argentine is staying at PSG.

Twitter hack reaction

It didn’t take long for fans to realise the FC Barcelona hack was underway.

Indeed, the club took to social media to confirm the social media breach.

There was also a load of reactions to the hack from fans on the social network.

Some were disappointed that the hackers didn’t do more with their opportunity in control of the Twitter account.

The best tweets are below.