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Paul Pogba told to ‘accept playing out of position’ by Thierry Henry

Out of position

Paul Pogba has been told he needs to accept being played out of position by Manchester United  boss Jose Mourinho.

That’s the take of Sky Sports pundit Thierry Henry, who claimed that he had to do a similar job when at Barcelona, and that Mourinho expects Pogba to help the team – something he needs to learn to do far more.

Pogba was again subbed after a poor game, and it seems something will have to give, with the player not doing very much in the United box to help defend or recover the ball.

He said on Sky Sports: “When you have quality people always expect you to do wonders.

“I think the price tag doesn’t help at times because it is what it is.

“In France people like him, people love him but that doesn’t ultimately explain what you need to do on the field or not.

“I don’t think he’s a holding midfielder and I’ve said that so many times.

“I don’t think I was a winger but when I went to Barcelona they asked me to do a job and I had to do a job. 

“(Jose) Mourinho is asking him to do a job. Is he a holding midfielder? I don’t think he is a holding midfielder. 

“Mourinho plays him as a holding midfielder, now you have to adapt and find the way to be efficient also when you don’t have the ball.”


Pogba does seem to be struggling, and it could well be the case that he needs to get used to a different role – and it seems that when Mourinho has all his players back, Pogba will once again be afforded the freedom he needs in order to thrive.

Mourinho may dip into the transfer market in the summer to get a holding midfielder and with the retirement of Michael Carrick, that certainly seems as though it could well be the case  – and after the addition of Alexis Sanchez, it would help Paul Pogba no end.

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