Everyone says the same thing about Ronaldo’s first half vs PSG


Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t often miss one on one chances, so when he had the chance to put his side a goal ahead in the Champions League tie against PSG, and managed to miss, people were not impressed.

Of course, it wasn’t just a Ronaldo miss – it was also a stunning save from PSG keeper Areola, who didn’t know much about it, but managed to stop the ball after taking it smack bang to his face.

The keeper was fine, and Ronaldo was furious – so were the Real Madrid fans.


Things got steadily worse as PSG went a goal ahead through Adrian Rabiot and Ronaldo missed yet another chance. People started to wonder if he has really lost it, despite having a resurgence in the last couple of weeks, and it seems he really was struggling against the French side, and looked frustrated with himself as he failed to find the back of the net – and of course his haters were out on social media ready to take advantage.


Right on the turn of the half, Real Madrid got a stonewall penalty, and Ronaldo stepped up to take it – and duly blasted it in the back of the net, to make it 1-1 and showed that he might be having a poor night, but he can always be relied on when the going gets tough.

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