Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister slams ‘stupid and ungrateful’ fans following recent criticism of Portuguese star

She took to social media to hit back at her brother’s critics.

Kátia Aveiro, sister of Cristiano Ronaldo, has taken to social media to hit out at fans following Portugal’s failure to reach the Nations League finals in the most recent international break.

Ronaldo’s side needed 1 point to ensure that they topped their group, but fell to a late 1-0 defeat to Spain to see Luis Enrique’s side advance to the finals next summer rather than the Portuguese.

Ronaldo was guilty of spurning a good chance, and increasingly there are calls among the Portuguese press to drop the Manchester United man, who is not getting regular game time at Old Trafford and seems unlikely to do so.

One prominent Portuguese paper read “Less Ronaldo, more Portugal”, and there are growing frustrations that he appears to play no matter his form or fitness.

Now, his sister has jumped to his defence, taking to Instagram after the game to slam those who have forgotten what the all-time international goalscorer has bought to his nation.

“He has his family and those who love him by his side. These will always be by his side, no matter what”, she began. “But the current times don’t surprise me at all. The Portuguese spit on the plate they eat, it has always been that way. That’s why when someone appears from the ashes and changes mentalities, it bothers them... With you always, my king.”

She continued:

“It is necessary to give a hand to those who have always given theirs to Portugal. But the Portuguese are sick, petty, soulless, stupid, ungrateful and forever ungrateful. This guy who’s sitting, he’s on his knees...”

“There’s no one to give him a hand. It is cruel. And it was already so much, but so much that he gave and gives. The one sitting is called Cristiano Ronaldo and he is just the best player in the world.”

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