Unbelievable Assault: A mental fan breaks onto the pitch and throttles a linesman (Chernomorets v FC Metalist)

Ukrainian football was rocked on Saturday as a crazed Chernomorets fan attacked a linesman with a viscous double fisted choke-hold.

With the match in play, the action began with the referee having words with a coach on the sidelines whilst the linesman and fourth official were in close proximity.

Then, in a you couldn’t script it fashion, what seemed to be a supporter (or maybe it was a club official on the sidelines?) burst onto the scene and cartoonishly wrapped two angry hands around the linesman’s neck.

The fan proceeded to force the linesman onto the field with his hands still squeezing down on his wind-pipe, before he was finally halted by a heavy-handed member of the riot police. Seconds later more security members were also flanking the grounded assailant.

Getting the thug off the pitch was no easy matter though.

With Chernomorets’s number 5, Santana, stupidly trying to act as a mediator between the wild fan and the security men, it eventually needed seven people in total to manhandle the man down the tunnel.

It was a disgrace.

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