The Top three Goal scoring Keepers of all time

In the light of Deportivo De La Coruna keeper Dani Aranzubia’s record breaking goal, the first ever scored by a keeper in open play in La Liga history, here is a look at our 3 favourite goal scoring keepers.

1. Peter Schmeichel

The Great Dane had a goal scoring bent that led him to 10 goals in the Premier League for Manchester United. Although vastly outscored by the other two in this list, the fact that as a goalkeeper he is one of the all time greats, regardless of any goals he may have scored, merits his inclusion. There can’t be many sights more capable of striking fear into the eyes of a goalkeeper than Schmeichel charging into your area in the dying moments of the game. Schmeichel had a physical presence that was often enough to at the very least put off the opposition enough for a teammate to grab a vital strike – as was the case in the 99’ Champions League final.

2. Rene Higuita

Best known for his mesmerising yet pointless “scorpion kick” which he employed in a friendly against England in 1995, Higuita also had a finely honed eye for goal to go along with taste for inane flair. Racking up an impressive 38 career goals for both club and country, Higuita as a goal threat was a completely different animal to big Peter Schmeichel. Often taking up both penalty and free kick duties, Higuita certainly possessed a cultured right foot when it came to free kick situations as the below video demonstrates. With 8 international goals in his career for Columbia, Higuita can lay claim to being both the owner of one of football’s dodgiest haircuts and the scorer of most international goals by a goalkeeper.

3. Rogerio Ceni

The king of the goal scoring keepers is unquestionably Brazilian Rogerio Ceni. The scorer of a ridiculous 96 goals throughout his career, he has a goal scoring record that puts most strikers to shame. In 2005 alone he scored a stunning 21 goals in all competitions for his domestic club Sao Paulo, are you listening Fernando Torres? That’s your benchmark! As the only player in this list still playing, you would think that there would be transfer rumours flying around –who wouldn’t want a keeper who can net you 10 goals a season – but I can’t see that happening soon. At 38 years of age Ceni is Sau Paulo’s most capped player ever and he certainly isn’t going anywhere. Like Higuita, Ceni has a knack for scoring spectacular free kicks as you can see in this video.