Shock Revelation: Brian McDermott admits that Leeds don’t have a scouting system or chief scout

Leeds manager Brian McDermott was a guest on Sky Sports’ Footballers Football Show on Monday night, and the Whites boss made a shocking revelation.

During a discussion about scouting, McDermott was asked: How do you use your chief scout? What instructions do you give them?

McDermott’s answer stunned Leeds fans.

That’s an interesting subject at Leeds, because we certainty need to improve what we’ve got. I wouldn’t say we have a scouting structure per se. We are just in the process of getting a chief scout who is going to put together a scouting programme, which I’ll do with him.

A club as big as Leeds, what is absolutely fundamentally for me is scouting and recruitment, and that wasn’t in place in my opinion. 

It makes no sense whatsoever. Whatever you have to do, you have to put money into your scouting. It can make you fortunes. 

Watch Brian McDermott’s stunning revelation about the lack of scouting at Leeds below.