Operation Wakey Wakey! A Swedish radio station blare out music at 7.15am outside the Portuguese team’s hotel

Swedish radio station RIX FM pulled off a stunt outside the Portuguese team’s hotel early on Tuesday morning.

Sweden v Portugal: Watch a Live Stream of the 2014 World Cup playoff [19/11/2013]

With the street lights still on and still feeling like the middle of the night, RIX FM organised for a guy to show up outside the hotel with his karaoke equipment at 7.15am to initiate “Operation Wakey Wakey”.

Pumping up the volume, the Swedish fan belted out a tune with the intention of annoying the hell out of Cristiano Ronaldo and company, while RIX FM posted a quote on their website saying:

We hope that some Portuguese people will be tired tonight.

Sweden trail Portugal 1-0 from the first leg.

Watch Operation Wakey Wakey below.