New data shows that Arsenal’s Theo Walcott is still the world’s fastest player as Arjen Robben ‘only’ ran at 31km/h

Following Holland’s 5-1 demolition job on Spain, one of the talking points which got a lot of attention was the speed of Arjen Robben.

Robben lit up his afterburners to roast Sergio Ramos for the fourth Dutch goal, and initial reports, solidified by TV graphics, clocked the Bayern forward as travelling at a staggering 37 km/h.

That stat meant that Robben overtook Arsenal’s Theo Walcott to become the world’s fastest player, after Walcott has run the 100 meters at 35.7 km/h back in September 2013.

A couple of days later, and it’s been revealed that the Robben data was fudged.

According to FIFA’s own post match stats for the Holland-Spain game, Robben’s top sprint was ‘just’ 31.03.

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See the data below which proves Arsenal’s Walcott is still the fastest footballer on the planet.

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