FAIL! Ryo Miyaichi’s epic miss for Arsenal U21s v West Brom

Last week Arsenal’s under-21s picked up a narrow 1-0 win over West Brom, but the Gunners margin of victory showed have been much larger.

Ryo Miyaichi, Arsenal’s 20-year-old Japanese forward, missed an opportunity to break the deadlock when faced with an empty net.

After 12 minutes, Arsenal striker Serge Gnabry collected the ball on the left hand side, and after cutting infield, the forward slid a lovely weighing pass into the onrushing Miyaichi in the Baggies’ box.

Miyaichi’s first touch was excellent; by pushing the ball to his left the forward took out both West Brom’s goalie and centre-half, but when faced with the simpler job of scoring Miyaichi, slightly off balance, fired wide of an empty target.

Watch Ryo Miyaichi’s epic miss for Arsenal U21s v West Brom below.