Defending Liverpool’s Luis Suarez: Gonzalo Jara grabbed his nuts!

Once again Liverpool forward Luis Suarez has been in the news for negative reasons.

Speculation is rife that the Uruguay hitman faces an international ban over the video that has gone viral from the World Cup qualifying defeat to Chile.

To recap, if you missed it, 10 minutes before the break of Chile 2 – Uruguay 0, Suarez can clearly be seen hitting Gonzalo Jara in the face.

See: Crackpot! Liverpool’s Luis Suarez (Uruguay) punched Chilean defender Gonzalo Jara in the face.

As ever, Liverpool fans have jumped to the defence of their talisman, despite all the evidence, and it has been brought to our attention in the comments that Suarez was severely provoked into punching Jara.

The referee, Nestor Pitana, took no action at the time. The referee’s report arrives with FIFA today and retrospective action is possible.

On the video below, you can clearly see Gonzalo Jara grab Luis Suarez by his man parts at 0.19 and 0.36.

Not necessarily justification for Suarez punching his opponent. After all, the Liverpool forward should be used to this provocation.

Nevertheless, no male on the planet enjoys their nuts being squeezed, right?