Daily Telegraph journalist: Jamie Vardy is a racist & should have been sacked by Leicester

By Ben Green

Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy is the toast of the Premier League right now, after breaking a quite incredible record on Saturday.

Vardy notched in the first half against Manchester United on Saturday, scoring in his 11th successive game for Leicester in the English top flight.

Whilst some have suggested that Vardy’s record is only since 1992, during the Premier League era, pretty much everyone commentating on the Leicester striker is positive about the record and his rise from non-league.

Daily Telegraph journalist Jonathan Liew has come at the Vardy record from a completely different angle and to say its controversial would be an understatement.

Immediately after Vardy scored against Manchester United on Sunday, Liew Tweeted the following message:

This all relates to an incident last August, before Vardy embarked on his incredible goal scoring run, where the Leicester striker was accused of racially abusing an Asian man in a casino by repeatedly calling him “Jap”.

See: Leicester striker Jamie Vardy accused of racism, called an Asian man “Jap” three times in a casino (Video).

Twitter, as a social media platform where anyone can chat with anyone, saw Liew receive plenty of replies from angry Leicester fans.

See a couple of Liew’s responses here:

Liew has since posted a very lengthy explanation of his Vardy thoughts on Facebook, with four main points regarding the Casino incident.

The full post is embedded below with the key points coming towards the end:

“My view is this: racists should be pariahs. They should be punished with the full fist of the law and beaten down by the crushing yoke of public opinion. They should be out of a job. They should be out of friends. They should have to get on their knees and beg us all for forgiveness. Vardy should be out of work right now. But seeing as he’s not, he can use his platform. He should be speaking out against racism at every opportunity. He should be working tirelessly with charities, doing talks in schools, educating young players on diversity and tolerance. And he should still be apologising. Every time there’s a camera on him or a microphone in front of his face, he should start by expressing his remorse for what he did and telling us how he’s putting things right.”

Liew is a very talented journalist, who has written some really excellent columns. It will be interesting to see how many join the Daily Telegraph scribe in this angle on Jamie Vardy.

Intriguingly, as can be seen below, there were a number of Twitter accounts that pointed out that Jamie Vardy is a racist in the wake of his record breaking goal on Saturday.

So I’ve been getting a bit of “heat” overnight – mostly from Leicester fans, but not entirely – for pointing out that…

Posted by Jonathan Liew on Sunday, November 29, 2015

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