You’re making it worse! Nicolas Anelka tweets picture of Obama & Jay-Z doing ‘Dirt off your Shoulder’ pose

Nicolas Anelka has today started a media storm which will no doubt cause many arguments and discussions.

Celebrating a goal for West Brom, he produced a French anti-semitic gesture made famous by controversial comedian Dieudonne.

The veteran Frenchman took to Twitter in an attempt to defend his actions but in truth, it hasn’t really gone to plan.

He posted a picture of Barack Obama, Jay-Z and Beyonce producing a similar gesture.

However, their gesture was the ‘Dirt off the Shoulder’ gesture, which is completely inoffensive and completely unrelated to Anelka’s gesture.

If he’s hinting the American president and high profile celebrities support holocaust denier Dieudonne, he’ll end up starting a secondary media storm.

Nicolas Anelka