WTF Picture: Some guy (an Arsenal fan?) uses Bale’s Tottenham shirt like toilet paper

How? What? When?

A picture has surfaced on social media channels on Friday of an unknown fan using Gareth Bale’s Tottenham shirt like toilet paper on his bare arse.

Unfortunately plenty of questions remain unanswered about the WTF snap.

Firstly, is it real? Secondly, is the fan an Arsenal supporter? Thirdly, when was the photo taken as it feels highly unlikely that the image was snapped recently as it seems to have been taken inside the Spurs locker room, while the shirts are last season’s clobber. Fourthly, if real, how did this fan managed to pull off this audacious prank?

The relatively offensive picture can be seen below.

(Thanks to @BillyTheeKid for sending it on.)