The greatest goalie goal ever? Dominique Niederhauser (Dardania Lausanne) v Genolier-Begnins

This. Is. Incredible.

Until last weekend the most famous thing about amateur Swiss club Dardania Lausanne was that they had groomed Albanian captain and Lazio midfielder Lorik Cana during the late 1990s.

That all changed on Sunday during Dardania’s thumping 6-1 away win at Genolier-Begnins.

In a moment of pure flukiness mixed with unrehearsed opportunism, Dardania goalie Dominique Niederhauser managed to scored a fantastic 80-yard half-volleyed lob that was incredibly recorded by YouTuber TheFootmag.

Enjoy Dominique Niederhauser’s entry for the greatest goalie goal ever below.

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