Port Vale sack Daniel Jones for brutally beating club captain Doug Loft in training ground bust-up [Picture]

Training ground bust-ups happen every day at every football club the world over, but did it come to this at Port Vale last Thurday?

Port Vale captain Doug Loft got into a training ground altercation that day, and ended up hospitalised with GBH: a broken nose, jaw, and cheekbone by a sickeningly violent teammate.

The BBC have confirmed the aggressor as Daniel Jones, and that the League One have sacked him effective immmediately; while he’ll also be possibly charged with GBH after Loft decided to press charges.

The Sun’s picture above shows the extent of Loft’s injuries, with a disfigured face, as they title it (though not permanently).

Let’s hope Jones is banned from ever setting foot on a football pitch for a very long time; if not forever.