Miss of the Season: Mushaga Bakenga (Cercle Brugge) v KV Oostende

This. Is. Terrible!

A match that few people cared about on Wednesday night was Cercle Brugge’s 2-1 win over KV Oostende in the Belgium Cup, however one moment in the second half made sure that this cup-tie will be referenced worldwide.

Cercle Brugge, rock bottom of the Jupiler League, sprung a countert-attack early in the second period that saw centre-forward Michael Uchebo blaze a trail onto the KV Oostende goal.

Having lured the Oostende keeper off his line, Uchebo then did the sensible thing by side-footing a pass to fellow attacker Mushaga Bakenga who was left facing an empty net.

Missing was unforgivable, but, as you can guess, Bakenga did just that.

Note: Check out Bakenga’s impression of Manny Pacquiao after committing his horrendous screw-up.

Watch Mushaga Bakenga’s miss of the season below.