Jan Vertonghen guility of embarrassing play-acting to get Zozulya sent off in Spurs 3 – Dnipro 1

It was the game’s turning point.

At 1-1, Dnipro were going through against Spurs, but Zozulya’s sending off changed the entire complexion of the game.

Spurs gained the initiative, and went on to win 3-1 with a brace from Adebayor.

But the red card was extremely controversial, and Jan Vertonghen was the villain of the piece.

The Belgian defender engaged in a woeful piece of simulation, throwing himself on the ground after a flick from Dnipro’s Zozulya.

The ref fell for it hook, line and sinker, and Zozulya was shown red.

With the man advantage Spurs ran out winners; the red card undoubtedly changed the game.

Watch the vine of Vertonghen’s simulation below.

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