How Twitter reacted to Gareth Bale’s stunning late Spurs winner at West Ham

“It was a great goal but important thing is the win. The team deserves the credit and we worked hard” – Gareth Bale.

“We showed desire to win. It’s always difficult away from home. I think we got what we deserved” – Andre Villas-Boas.

The Spurs winger and coach were wide ranging in their praise after Tottenham’s 3-2 win at West Ham but it was Gareth Bale that took the plaudits almost everywhere else.

Twitter was unsurprisingly awash with a Gareth Bale love-in after his 89th minute howitzer secured all three points for Tottenham and somehow, considering his recent form, elevated his current standing in the game.

Below are the best Twitter reactions to Gareth Bale’s stunning late match winner at West Ham.