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#FIFAFraude: A Twitter account correctly predicted Argentina’s group & claims World Cup winner is already decided

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

This is pretty freaky, though there are logical explanations as to how this anonymous Twitter account could have correctly predicted a World Cup group (Argentina’s).

On Thursday, 24 hours before the World Cup draw, the anonymous Twitter account @FraudeMundial14 appeared as a would be Julian Assange, claiming to be privy to secret information that the World Cup draw was all fixed; not only that – that the winner of the tournament is already decided.

Tweeting in Spanish, the account started with: ‘We”re going to make public Argentina’s group via this account.

We deeply lament that such a pure sport can be stained by an organisation with economic interests.

We don’t have the intention to take away the emotion and euphoria from the World Cup; however, if this corrupt organisation continues we will be obliged to announce the competition’s winner, which has already been decided by Blatter and company in Switzerland.

In the same vein, neither is it our intention to ruin all of the expectations surrounding the World Cup draw, so we will only publish Argentina’s group.

The account then also claimed to know the country that would be moved from Pot 4 to Pot 2, which they got right also – Italy.

Below are the prescient tweets, which call into question the whole show.

But, but, but: it’s possible this was all a hoax; publishing one correct group does not equate with a higher knowledge that all was rigged.

There are suggestions the account may have simply published all of Argentina’s group possibilities, and simply deleted the wrong ones.

Being a start-up account, those wrong tweets were possible to have gone unnoticed.

But still, it’s all very fishy, and leaves a bad smell….

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