FARCE: Blackpool’s comically sad tweets with seven ‘trialists’ named in their squad v Penrith

Championship side Blackpool, who were in the Premier League as recently as 2012, are now of the verge of becoming a laughing stock.

The Tangerines have lost an incredible 28 players since the end of last season, leaving manager José Riga has a pathetic eight registered players ahead of the new campaign.

Incredibly, Blackpool don’t have a goalie on their books.

With their squad barely there at the moment, the club were forced to play their pre-season friendly against amateurs Penrith with five players called ‘trialist’ in their team. Moreover, Blackpool had two more ‘trialist’ players on the bench.

As to the result, Blackpool won the game 2-0, and two triaists (or perhaps one trialist with a brace) hit the back of the net.

See the comically sad tweets Blackpool posted during their 4-0 win over Penrith.