Crazy MNF graphic: Only PSG have a higher net spend than Man United in last 5 windows

BvV185GIQAAJGqX Crazy MNF graphic: Only PSG have a higher net spend than Man United in last 5 windowsSome Manchester United supporters have pointed their fingers at the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City for spending their way to success.

In addition, Manchester United’s owners, the Glazer family, have come in for criticism, for how they bought the club and for the lack of spending ever since.

And, after the surprise home defeat to Swansea on Saturday, calls for Ed Woodward and Louis van Gaal to buy world class players has grown to a fever pitch.

But, on the always awesome Monday Night Football, they showed how Manchester United have in fact been heavy spenders in the last five transfer windows.

The likes of Juan Mata and Robin van Persie have been brought in for big bucks.

And, the quote below from Manchester United legend Gary Neville is pretty damning as well!

BvV55utIUAAaP b Crazy MNF graphic: Only PSG have a higher net spend than Man United in last 5 windows "Crazy" infographic seems to have very small numbers. So which figure is right then? Go Arsenal btw (not an arsenal fan). Only United fans would call this article and the figures on show stupid. For the people who say it's due to neglect in the market and not spending in the last ten years. What about City who didn't have anything tangible to spend for over 60 years before the takeover but no one considered that for one second when man City are criticised for spending big. Granted at the start of the takeover the money wasn't spent in he correct manner I.e (Santa cruz 20 mil). However what right do man utd fans especially have to say we had been ruining football through spending when United had been spending millions more than us year in year out prior to the takeover. Now all of a sudden we have had the money to compete over the past few years, we are being victimised for disturbing the running order. If spending money is considered ruining football then we can say United have been ruining football for a long time before we came on to the scene. The fact is over the last 5 years your net spend has been more. Another fact is that Manchester United will out spend Manchester City this transfer window.Some UTD fans will still think that new players signed over the past five transfer windows levitated from a parallel universe into Old Trafford without any transfer fees involved such is the depth of their delusions. Erm... I'm going to assume you know full well what 'net' spending means, but decided to write this idiotic article anyway. These figures only mean that United have had no one of quality in the squad to sell and recoup any of the funds they've spent recently... the reason being, of course, chronic underinvestment that goes back almost a decade (not withstanding the what has been spent more recently). Clearly, the few quality players (Van Persie, Mata, Shaw, Herrera) brought in over the last two seasons have not been enough to make up for the years of neglect before that.That's the point isn't it? They have been spending a lot on players. So if they have not been selling much means their gross spending shouldnt be too far off no? Those stats are very misleading, only an idiot would choose to use themAre they? Net spend is a very relevant for the books and uefa ffp...
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