Basel’s Egyptian Mohamad Salah refuses to shake hands with Maccabi Tel Aviv

There was an unsavoury incident in one of the Champions League qualifiers on Tuesday night and you wonder whether UEFA will investigate.

Basel’s star winger, Egyptian Mohamad Salah, went to great lengths to avoid shaking hands with Israeli opponents Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Salah, positioned a pair of boots on the side of the pitch and avoided the pre-match handshakes under the pretence of changing his orange Adidas footwear.

Whilst Salah’s performance in the 1-0 win over the Israeli champions has been praised, the Swiss press have condemned his actions pre-match.

It seems almost certain that Salah will not travel to Israel for the second leg of the Champions League match which is another sad indictment on UEFA’s handling of this situation.

A picture of Mohamad Salah “changing his boots” whilst avoiding the Israeli opposition is below.