Arsenal’s Ozil wanted to and was set to join Manchester United but bid never came [Graham Hunter]

The fallout from Mesut Ozil’s astonishing transfer deadline day move to Arsenal continues.

And the plot thickens.

We already know Ozil would ideally have stayed at Madrid had his chances not become so restricted under Ancelotti, it’s now emerged, via Sky’s Revista de La Liga bar and Graham Hunter, that Ozil and his father were holding out for Man United, their preferred choice….but the phantom bid never materialised.

If this transpires as true, and that United were being hoaxed in Bilbao trying to pay €30 million for Herrera when they could have had Ozil for just €20 more, it will heap even more scorn on Woodward and Moyes’ now infamously farcical 2013 transfer window.

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