After Brøndby 0 – Randers 0 a couple scored on the pitch, had sex by the centre circle [Picture]

At least someone scored at Brøndby on Sunday.

After Randers picked up a point on the road following a goalless draw in round four of the Danish Superliga, a mad event happened on the pitch once all the fans had exited the stadium.

An unknown couple sneaked onto the pitch and started havng sex by the centre circle.

Brøndby press officer Mikkel Davidsen reported the incident on his Twitter feed, and an image of the canoodling couple has since been posted online.

Further reports have also indicated that the pair’s love making failed to last long as the couple were interrupted by the club’s security chief, James Mickel Lauritsen, who threw them out of the stadium.

The image of the couple having sex on Brøndby’s pitch is below.