About 101 Great Goals

About 101 Great Goals101 Great Goals was started on September 1, 2006 by two friends: Benjamin Newman and Ben Green.


It is named after the popular football video that many football fans will be familiar with from the late 80s and early 90s.


Two fanatical football fans, the co-founders realised the immense amount of football videos that were being posted online and intended to organise them for fans across the globe.


The mission of 101 Great Goals is to catalogue all available football videos, and the best football stories, on one website.


We are the only online soccer website that feeds football videos into categories by player, team and manager. 101gg also records where the videos come from, i.e. whether it has been released by an official club channel or sourced on video hosting site, like YouTube.


After close to two months of existence, 101 Great Goals received a copyright warning from the English Premier League.


No one at 101 Great Goals, nor anyone connected with this site, has ever uploaded football videos on the internet. Moreover, 101 Great Goals does not host or broadcast any such video on our servers. All we do is locate already existing videos and link to them through our site.


All videos uploaded onto this site are traceable through to their source, with all videos labelled to their host site (e.g. YouTube, rutube.com or DailyMotion). This creates a situation of transparency, whereby everybody can see which video site is hosting the content.


If a video comes down on YouTube (for example) it comes down on www.101greatgoals.com. And the corollary is also true. Just as www.101greatgoals.com has no control over which videos come out online, we also have no control over taking these videos down.


Over the course of its existence, 101 Great Goals has grown in traffic to now receive 5 million visitors (15 million page views) every month.


The recent growth has been fuelled by our presence on Twitter and Facebook as well as apps for the iPhone and Android.


If you would like to contact us, you can do so here.


And if you want to add your own football video, please send us an email at: mygoal@101greatgoals.com


To put video feeds on your website, see our Syndication page.