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World Cup reporter robbed live on air in Qatar

A reporter was robbed live on air while broadcasting from the World Cup in Qatar.

Female reporter Dominique Metzger is out in Qatar covering the World Cup for Argentine outlet TN and was doing a live link from the Corniche area of Doha.

As she conducted the report, Metzger had money, credit cards and other documents stolen from her handbag.

Thankfully, Metzger was not harmed as with whoever committed the crime went about it silently. The reporter realised she had been robbed when she went to get her wallet out to buy a water.

Metzger went to the police to report the theft and documented her experience on her Instagram story:

“Don’t worry, I’m fine,” Dominique told her followers.

“I went through a situation that we talk about all the time: the different thing is that it happened here, which they say is the safest place. We were here, in this beautiful place, but a few hours ago it was full of people. It was a theft, it was not violent at all.”

“The policewoman said to me, ‘We have high-tech cameras everywhere and we are going to locate him [the thief] with face detection. What do you want the justice system to do when we find him?’

“What justice do you want? What sentence do you want us to give him? Do you want him to be sentenced to five years in prison? Do you want him to be deported?”

“They insisted on asking me what penalty I wanted, that I could decide. But no, I was saying that I wanted my things to appear. I did not want to put myself in the place of justice. She gave me goosebumps, because she seemed very strong to me.”

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