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Revealed: The TV show that ‘cursed’ Leeds United boss Jesse Marsch

The American was sacked with his side in the drop zone.

Former Leeds United boss Jesse Marsch was ‘cursed’ by the popular TV show Ted Lasso, according to Philadelphia boss Jim Curtin.

The comedy show depicts an American working in English football, and plays upon traditional stereotypes, including that US coaches are not the most tactically complex.

Marsh, who had worked with RB Leipzig before joining Leeds United upon the departure of the popular Marcelo Bielsa, was sacked with his side in the relegation zone having failed to win over the Elland Road faithful.

Though he kept the Yorkshire side in the Premier League on the final day of last season, he won just four of 20 Premier League games in charge of Leeds, losing half of those.

Despite this, Curtin is sure that it didn’t help the man nicknamed ‘Yank Frank’, adding that he believes it has set US management back around 20 years.

“I have to say I like [Ted Lasso] because if I say I hate it I’m some elitist coach,” Curtin told The Athletic.

“I give them credit for being at least close to capturing the feeling in the locker room.

“They get that there are people from different cultures, a**holes, nice guys, there are wives who are annoying, who are problems.

“That’s all real. He comes off as loveable.

“Do I think it’s set back the American coach 20 years? Yes, I do.

“We worked so hard to get to Europe, and then Jesse breaks in and it’s like what a curse to have that show break out at the same time he’s there.

“You can feel it with [Marsch].

“He seems so angry at it but if you show that they’ll chew you up and spit you out.”


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