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Jurgen Klopp calls for FIFA rule change amid Mo Salah speculation

Jurgen Klopp wants FIFA to change their rules.

Liverpool have already lost Jordan Henderson and Fabinho to Saudi Arabia this summer.

And in the last few days, it has emerged that Mohamed Salah is now a target of the league.

Losing Salah would be a major blow for Liverpool, especially so close to the end of the transfer window with a suitable replacement unlikely.

Now, Jurgen Klopp has urged FIFA to change the rules to the Saudi window shuts at the same time as Europe’s:

“It’s difficult to talk about media stories, as there’s nothing to talk about from our point of view,” he told reporters.

“Mo is a Liverpool player, he’s essential. There’s nothing there. If there would be something, the answer would be no.

“If something comes up, I don’t think or know about what, I’ll think about it. But if there was, it would be a no.”

“It’s not comfortable, it’s not cool for us but that’s how it is,” he added.

“If we go to, say, Wigan [for a signing], they usually tell us the price and we pay it probably. With big clubs that’s how it is – in the Bundesliga, Bayern go to Arminia [Bielefeld], they cannot react and that’s the way it goes. There’s a next level, it’s not great. It’s part of the business and I’m not sure you can change it or if someone will.

“But what makes it not possible to deal with is when our window shuts and theirs remains open. From [the deadline] we play until January 1 and that’s our team, that’s what everybody’s used to.

“In the past with Russia, a long time ago thankfully, they had the different window but that was not completely crazy money. [Saudi] is new and challenging for everybody but we have to learn to deal with it. The authorities should make clear that if you want to be in the system, we do business at the same time as all others. FIFA could do that if they wanted to.”

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