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European Super League | Re-launch could be less than three years away after dossier details are revealed

Increasing dominance by Premier League clubs on and off the pitch has been cited as a key reason why the ESL project is almost sure to be revisited in the near future

The dream of a European Super League has not been dead and buried as a new dossier reveals that a potential re-launch of the elite competition could be in the works within three years according to The Times’ chief sports reporter Martyn Ziegler.

The potential resurgence in the near future comes on the back of the continued dominance and financial growth of clubs in the Premier League – mainly the big six – and is cited as a key reason for a potential re-launch.

As reported by Ziegler, “A new dossier outlining a revived competition has warned that the Premier League is leaving its continental rivals behind.

The presentation, which has been seen by The Times, has been sent to some clubs across Europe and says that England’s top flight ‘is outgunning all continental leagues’ and that the Champions League ‘is increasingly dominated by English clubs’ who are ‘backed by hedge funds, public investment funds, Sheikhs, oligarchs.’

The company behind the failed launch of the European Super League (ESL) in April 2021 has appointed a new chief executive, Bernd Reichart, who claims it is expected to be re-launched.”

It is undeniable how vast sums of wealth continue to flow into the Premier League year after year, with billionaire ownership now commonplace – or even necessary – if any club intends to build a project that could challenge for the top four or beyond.

At the other end, Chelsea’s new ownership under American billionaire Todd Boehley saw the Blues splash out ~£244m and have shown no signs of slowing down with reported spending to hit similar levels next summer.

On top of the domestic situation afforded to the entire league, not to mention Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham, English clubs have increasingly flexed their muscles on the continent in recent seasons after six of the last ten participants in the Champions League final have come from the Premier League.

The notion that clubs the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, and AC Milan could soon fall away and be unable to compete with the riches found in England and thus struggle to remain relevant either in the transfer market or in continental competition is viewed as a real threat.

However, the integrity of the beautiful game should always be at the forefront, and creating a European Super League could have far-reaching knock-on effects across the continent that may well be irreversible once the wheels are set in motion.


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