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Eduardo Camavinga: Profile, Expert Analysis, Tactical Overview & Video

Eduardo Camavinga: Profile

Name: Eduardo Camavinga

Date of birth: Nov 10, 2002

Nationality: France

Position: Central midfield

Height: 1.82m

Eduardo Camavinga: Introduction

Eduardo Camavinga is viewed by many as one of Europe’s most exciting young players. With a height of 6 foot, the Frenchman is deceivingly fast and agile, capable of beating opposing players with ease. But his abilities as a central midfielder go beyond those of just a tricky player. Competency in and out of possession, timing of passes and tackles, the work ethic to rival any player and the end product of a man well beyond his age. This French star is destined for big things.

Eduardo Camavinga: Background

The midfielder, during a previous interview, recounted the story of how he was recruited: “I remember it perfectly. It was at Paron Sud. We got smashed then! (0-3, but Rennes would usually win these matches by eight or nine goals) Everyone came to see us. I switched between left-back and centre-back. Since that day, Mathieu wanted me to join Rennes,” he said.

“He spoke with my coaches and my parents. And then, he said to me: “Would you be ok to come and do a tournament with Rennes?” I couldn’t believe it. Rennes was a big club. It never made me scared, but I never felt better than others either, never. What followed, was that I played with Rennes and I was taken on. That’s all.”

Camavinga went on to become Rennes’ youngest ever professional player, after signing with the club just after his 16th birthday. 3 months later, he made his senior debut, in the process becoming the youngest player to ever line out for Les Rouge et Noir.

And the records have since only continued to fall – in September of 2020, Camavinga became the youngest full French international of all-time, at 17 years of age. Not only did he play, but the Rennes man even managed to score on his debut.

Regarding his style of play, Camavinga has been quick to reference how hard work is just as important as natural ability. “What I value most is work ethic. I like to do the running for my teammates. If I don’t work hard on the pitch, my mum would drag me off it by me ears. And my dad too.”

“Everything they have they have earned by working hard. Even in the toughest moments, they have sweated to make sure we didn’t want for anything. So I see it as logical that now it’s my turn. Now I work hard. In any case, without hard work, I wouldn’t have made it this far.”

Expert insight on Eduardo Camavinga

“Eduardo Camavinga has already shown the potential to become the best midfielder in the world. What type of midfielder is up to him – he can tackle, he can run all day and he has a great eye for a final ball too.

He is a little more comfortable with a more defensively-minded partner alongside him, giving him more freedom to push forward and he will likely fall into a truly central midfield role – but that doesn’t mean he is all graft and physicality – he has the guile as well. He is excellent at finding space, he has great ball control and can work in tight spaces as well as push forward with the ball at his feet, and he has a good set piece delivery and shot on him too.

What is most impressive though is his temperament. He has been totally unfazed by his quick rise from Rennes’ first team, to a well-publicised man-of-the-match performance against PSG, to breaking into the France U21 team and finally becoming a full French international in which his first start was marked with a goal through a cleverly improvised overhead kick.

His versatility is likely to make him a very important part of the France squad, able to play in a midfield two or three or even in a wider role. Similar to that of a largely upgraded Blaise Matuidi.”

Tactical Overview of Eduardo Camavinga

Eduardo Camavinga is already so gifted in so many aspects of the midfield role. A wonderfully technical player, the Frenchman glides across the pitch and maintains a high work ethic, tracking back when necessary.

He is capable of lining out as a 6, an 8 or even in a wider birth.

The heat map from the 2019/20 campaign shows the coverage of the pitch Camavinga works in. Not favouring a particular side, the Frenchman provides the perfect engine for the team and much more.

Camavinga’s pace and elegance on the ball enable him to beat opposition players with ease. Despite his height of 6 foot, he plays with a centre of gravity befitting of a much smaller player. In this way, the teen can shift his weight from side to side quickly, making difficult pieces of skill look absolutely effortless.

Picking up the ball on the left, Camavinga plays a one-two and move into the vacated space. Driving at the opposition and into the box the Frenchman shifts his weight and moves to the left of the goal.Having accelerated into the box, Camavinga makes space, shifts the ball left and smashes a low drive past the keeper into the far corner.In this scenario, Camavinga, now on the right-hand side, receives the ball with Rennes under pressure. Twisting the ball and his body right, the Frenchman accelerates past to pressing Lille players.Having cut inside and nutmegged a helpless Lille midfielder, Camavinga finds the cutting pass to beat the midfield press and launch a counter-attack.

Technical and dribbling ability, though, is of course nothing without end product. The Frenchman can and does score goals, including, as outlined above, on his France debut.

Camavinga’s passing, meanwhile, is also impressive. He is capable of executing cross-field balls to create for his teammates in dangerous positions on the pitch. The key to Camavinga’s game is a consistent drive to keep his side on the front foot.

Camavinga finds a curling, lofted pass out to the left wing to set up a crossing opportunity.A pass from the opposite flank, finding the opposite winger in a threatening position.It appears that the Frenchman is able to find passes from almost anywhere on the pitch. His teammates have learned to trust he youngsters ability to find them and consistently he does.

Finally, Camavinga’s work ethic is up there with the very best. When out of possession, the Frenchman craves the ball, constantly attempting to recover it for his team. Capable of tracking back, spotting opportunities to tackle and typically winning his challenges, too, describing Camavinga as the complete midfielder is almost an understatement.

Camavinga, second to the ball in this scenario, uses his recovery speed to catch the Nice player.Overtaking the Nice player, Camavinga then makes the challenge, winning the ball and possession back for Rennes.Identifying the possibility of a counter attack, Camavinga anticipates the run of the Georgian full-back and moves to intercept.Winning the ball, fairly, the possession falls back to France. This happening in the 97th minute displays the Frenchman's commitment and work ethic at any time during the game.

Camavinga is a truly special player. His ceiling is limitless, as evidenced by the early years of his fledgling career. His technical skill, body structure, stamina, passing quality and work ethic combine to paint the picture of a player in his prime years – not the very beginning of his football journey. The Frenchman is a role model for players not only his junior, but stars of any age.

The story of Camavinga is one which the entirety of Europe should take great interest in.

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