The Tweets: West Ham fans hiss, chant Lazio & sing about Adolf Hitler during Spurs defeat

By all accounts, West Ham fans seriously let themselves down with some shocking behaviour during the 3-1 defeat at White Hart Lane on Sunday.

No video evidence has yet emerged, we will keep our eyes peeled, but there has been overwhelming reports on Twitter, in large part from established, respected, journalists, that West Ham supporters attempted to goad Tottenham fans with some disgraceful chanting.

Since Spurs are known as the “Yids” and have a number of Jewish supporters, over the years away fans have indulged in “hissing” to represent the gas chambers used to mass murder Jews in Europe during the second World War.

Following the events in Italy, where a Spurs fan was left seriously injured, West Ham supporters chanted Lazio – despite the violent attack in Rome having been reported to be committed by Roma fans.

To represent this particular insult, West Ham thugs chanted “Can we stab you every week.”

And, to rub salt in the wounds, a chant of “Adolf Hitler he’s coming for you,’ ‘f*cking Jew'” could also be heard from the Hammers end at White Hart Lane.

Will the FA or West Ham look to do anything about some of the most disgraceful chanting ever seen in the Premier League?

A vast amount of the Tweets on the subject can be seen below.