Hapoel Petach Tikva’s ultras display an amazingly cultured Beethoven-inspired Für Elise tifo

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Fans of Israeli club Hapoel Petach Tikva displayed an amazingly cultured Beethoven-inspired tifo on Saturday against Maccabi Netanya.

Using Hebrew letters as musical notes to spell out the sentence “Suddenly we begin to play Beethoven’s Für Elise” at the top of the stand, Hapoel Petach Tikva’s fans covered themselves up with a giant red banner which they then pulled back before unveiling an image of Beethoven playing the piano.

Together with the classical music inspired tifo, the Hapoel Petach Tikva fans managed to get Beethoven’s famous piece of music played over the tannoy to give their display real oomph.

Watch Hapoel Petach Tikva’s ultras display the brilliantly cultured Beethoven-inspired tifo below.