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Ranking all 32 away kits at World Cup 2022

As always, all 32 teams that’ll feature have released new kits that’ll be on show at the World Cup.

Some are very nice while others are…. less so.

Here’s a ranking of all 32 World Cup 2022 away kits; find our ranking of the home kits by clicking here.

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1) Mexico

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A post shared by Bleacher Report Football (@brfootball)

Similarly to the home kit, Mexico score top marks for this effort. This shirt is eye-catching, bold and is easily recognisable as being Mexican. 10/10.

2) Argentina

Purple isn’t traditionally Argentina’s away colours, but this shirt is so good it doesn’t matter. The fade design is outstanding, while the Copa América champions scudetto just makes it even more iconic.

3) Spain

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A post shared by Selección Española de Fútbol (@sefutbol)

It’s an Adidas 1, 2, 3 with Spain’s away kit claiming the bronze medal. The lighter blue is being used for the second time, after Euro 2012, but this strip is certainly an improvement on that on. The Spanish flag-style Adidas branding get top marks, while the wavy design makes this an all-time classic.

4) England

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A post shared by England football team (@england)

5) Korea Republic

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A post shared by 대한민국 축구 국가대표팀 (@thekfa)

Korea Republic shirts often score well across the board, and this away kit is no different. Similar to RB Leipzig’s away kit 21/22, this Korea shirt features a sort of spray-pain design, which is multi-coloured, some of which have nothing to do with Korea. Even so, this is certainly one of the most unique shirts on display in Qatar.

6) Suadi Arabia

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A post shared by SideJersey (@sidejersey)

While Saudi Arabia’s home jersey is essentially a white t-shirt, this away strip has a lot more going for it. The zigzag green and black design will certainly standout, with Hervé Renard hoping his team will be just as eye-catching.

7) Brazil

While Brazil’s home shirt received an emphatic thumbs down, this away kit gets a resounding thumbs up. The iconic badge, featuring of course five stars, really stands out, while the fading green sleeves are just gorgeous. Tite’s team are likely to go far at this tournament, which is just as well because this shirt needs to be worn at least once.

8) Croatia

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A post shared by Hrvatski nogometni savez (@hns_cff)

This is an all-time classic Croatia away shirt. Usually, their away kits feature the red and white checkerboard (šahovnica) design, and this is a lovely play on that, with the light blue contrasting with the dark really nicely. This is just as well, because all three of Croatia’s Group F opponents have a red home kit and a white away, meaning this shirt will certainly get a few run-outs.

9) Germany

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A post shared by The Team Germany Football (@theteamgermany)

Germany’s away kits have been black, green and even dark grey at recent tournament, but this black and dark red effort certainly surpasses all of those. The fade design is simply magnificent, with the gold trim adding to an already outstanding effort.

10) Japan

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A post shared by 日本サッカー協会(JFA)/日本代表/なでしこジャパン (@japanfootballassociation)

While Japan’s home shirt took top spot, this away shirt is more….. middling. A sleeves are very nice, but if the shirt had just looked exactly like this reversible jacket, it would’ve followed suit with full marks.

11) Ecuador

Similar to the plain yellow home shirt, Ecuador’s navy blue alternative strip is fine. A pattern makes it an above average shirt, but it’s far from spectacular.

12) Denmark

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A post shared by hummel Sport (@hummelsport)

Hummel only provide the kits for one team competing at this World Cup (Lithuania and Bahamas failed to qualify) and they’re using this platform to make a statement. The manufacturer have ‘toned down’ their own branding as well as the DBU’s logo as as they “don’t wish to be visible during a tournament that has cost thousands of people their lives”. This, if nothing else, creates a talking point, and acts as a constant reminder of this tournament’s backdrop. The all Black kit, in of itself, is still very nice, while simultaneously making an important statement.

13) Poland

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A post shared by Portal wszystkich kibiców ⚽ (@laczynaspilka)

Not much to say about this Poland away kit. It’s red. Tick. It’s pretty nice… that’s about it.

14) Belgium

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A post shared by Belgian Red Devils (@belgianreddevils)

While Belgium’s home shirt is just terrible, this away kit is certainly…. something. Not sure why it’s multicoloured. Like Adidas had a bunch of random unbranded shirts knocking about a wear-house, wondered how to get rid of them, so just decided to shove a Belgium badge on them. Done.

15) Ghana

While Puma’s away shirts seem to suggest their designers were having some sort of existential crisis, keep scrolling and you’ll see what I mean, this Ghana shirt is actually very nice, by accident or design. The flag encapsulating the black star is very nice. Not much more to add.

16) Morocco

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A post shared by Football Fashion (@officialfootballfashion)

The creme stripe down the centre of this shirt isn’t very nice is it?

17) Wales

The collar on this Wales shirt is certainly eye-catching. Whether or not it’s good eye-catching is certainly up for debate.

18) France

Nike: this is a white t-shirt. Must try harder.

19) Cameroon

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A post shared by Fecafoot-Officiel (@fecafootofficiel)

Both the red and white alternative Cameroon shirts look like you’re wearing a life jacket don’t they? The design itself isn’t too bad, but once you see that you can’t unsee it.

20) Costa Rica

Why do your Costa Rica shirts have captain’s armbands on New Balance? The away shirt must’ve been designed at five minutes to five on a Friday evening, because there isn’t really any design.

21) Portugal

Portugal flag across the chest of this shirt. Ok, not bad. Blue shorts???? What does blue have to do with Portugal? C-.

22) Qatar

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A post shared by Qatar Football Association (@qfa)

Ok Nike, the gold fade across this kit isn’t bad but, again, this is mainly just a white t-shirt. How many of those did you need to get rid of?

23) Australia

This away kit, once again, is just a copy and paste template shirt and, worst of all, just isn’t very Australia!

24) Iran

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A post shared by TeamMelli (@teammellifootball)

This IR Iran away shirt is ok, but there just isn’t very much going on.

25) Canada

In the little précis at the top of this article, it was mentioned that all national teams have new kits for the World Cup. Well, in Canada’s case, that isn’t actually true! The Canucks worked extremely hard to be at this World Cup, playing 20 matches, thereby qualifying for the first time since Mexico ‘86. Nike, seemingly, did not see this coming, as they have not released a new kit for this tournament, Jonathan David, not happy with this, placed his hand over Nike’s logo when scoring in a friendly against Qatar in September, Worst of all, this is literally just a plain black kit! Nike, you did not complete the assignment in time: F.

26) Tunisia

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A post shared by 𝙁𝙤𝙤𝙩𝙗𝙖𝙡𝙡 𝙏𝙪𝙣𝙞𝙨𝙞𝙚𝙣 🇹🇳كرة القدم التونسية (@foottn)

Tunisia’s home kit is just a boring all-white outfit. So, the fact their away strip is a boring all-red outfit isn’t surprising. The only positive thing you can say is at least they match.

27) Netherlands

Both of Netherlands’ kits at this tournament are so so disappointing. There simply isn’t enough orange on this shirt, with all of it coming from the badge, numbers and Nike logo. If the weird little pair of triangles were orange, rather than black, this would score much more highly. Instead, thumbs down on this one.

28) United States

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A post shared by U.S. Soccer MNT (@usmnt)

Honestly don’t know what’s going on with the USA kits at this tournament. Bring back the one used during qualifying!

29) Uruguay

Puma have a monopoly over the bottom four places in this listicle, because what is actually going on with that squad around the number? At least this one had a sky blue trim, so is identifiable as a Uruguay kit.

30) Serbia

In contrast, just like with the home kit, why is gold being used as the secondary colour on Serbia’s shirts? Just isn’t very Serbia.

31) Senegal

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A post shared by Football Senegal (@footballsenegal)

Senegal scores so lowly because their shirts have such high potential, but this is what Puma have come up with.

32) Switzerland

Last, and very much least, this Switzerland shirt speaks for it’s self, and what is has to say isn’t very much.


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