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‘Where do you fit in?’ Former Valencia President blasts Peter Lim over ‘networking’ comments

‘Where do you fit in?’ Former Valencia President blasts Peter Lim over ‘networking’ comments

Lim comments concerning for Valencia

Since Peter Lim took over Valencia, the club has gone from a Champions League and competitive La Liga club and challenger to the top 2 clubs in the nation to a side condemned to mid-table, continually changing managers with even the threat of relegation not an unrealistic future destination.

Lim described owning Valencia as “incredibly good for networking” in a recent interview.

He went on to describe the bizarre scene of attending a dinner with other high-profile owners of clubs and a conversation which can only be compared to school children discussing their FIFA career modes.

“Once we were having dinner, all the [club] owners, at one of the Champions League finals,” said Lim. “You’ve got sheikhs, kings, mafia, black, white and yellow. And we were arguing about: ‘why did you buy this player for so much?’ We were like kids . . . this game can equalise everything.”

Lim commented on the breakaway Super league plans of which Valencia were not a part of.

“You look at the Super League, it’s just purely [for big clubs to] survive, it doesn’t care about the fans,” said Lim. “Why? Because . . . you have a broadcast audience of 100m fans in Asia . . . Have [the Super League club owners] ever considered the local derbies, the inconvenience of watching on Wednesday because I have got to work the next day? They don’t care.”

In an incredible closing statement Lim said, “I do have some compassion for [fans].”

Quotes from the Financial Times.

These words from the rarely public owner have not gone unnoticed.

Former president slams Lim

Amadeo Salvo, former president of Valencia, left the club in 2015. There were reports of a breakdown between Salvo and then coach Nuno Espirito Santo and Lim.

Salvo is now the president of Ibiza, but has broken silence since his exit from Valencia to comment on the Lim interview in incredible detail and fury.

He sent a scathing message to Lim saying he ‘did not understand’ the history of the club

The full statement:

“Since 2017 I have remained silent with the hope that finally you, Mr. Lim, could understand and manage Valencia as it should or should be managed, but like any Valencian player I observe that the contempt for our club is increasing every day.”

“After your unacceptable statements in the Financial Times you have filled my glass with deep indignation. They reflect your lack of humanity and ignorance and love for your club. Only a person like you could go so far as to express that the goal as owner of Valencia CF is do “networking.” Now we understand more about his nefarious management.

“You have not understood nor do you want to understand anything about how a club in the history and greatness of Valencia CF is built, and not because no one has explained it to you, but because your pride and arrogance do not let you see the basics, that it is the love and the immaterial sentiment to an institution that is above all of us who love it and have guarded it, better or worse, for more than 100 years.”

“In 2014 you acquired 70% of an institution with serious financial problems, but you forget to say that it was an institution full of life, enthusiasm, united and with a great desire to grow, that trusted you so that Valencia could overcome its difficulties. Do you remember what was the commitment and the contract you signed? I perfectly remember your words in our meetings, I remember your 2015 Christmas video, I remember press conferences. Here we remember everything you committed to. Where is it his word and dignity? Not only did he lie and deceive me and the members of the Foundation, he did it with all Valencianism. His level is of such magnitude that he has forgotten, or surely does not want to understand, that a club is built first since values ​​and community. Without taking care of these two basic pillars, nothing works.”

“We Valencians do not manage the club well? Surely at certain times it was not the best management, but without a doubt it was infinitely better than yours. Not only do you have to analyse the balance sheets and sports results (which are some of the worst in the history) but that respect for the fans and their values ​​does not exist. Is this your good management, Mr. Lim? That of the worst financial balances, sporting failures and the worst feeling and contempt for the fans?”

“Since I left the club I have never spoken to you again, but I wish I could speak just one more time to simply say goodbye. I hope and wish it is very soon.”

“I have a doubt. In your unworthy statements in the Financial Times you talk about meeting with club owners who are kings, sheiks, businessmen and gangsters. Where do you fit in?”

“I end with another of the painful statements that we have read in the aforementioned media where it says that” the smallest things (referring to the fans) are the ones that generate the greatest headache. “Once again you confirm your total ignorance of how football works and how a club is managed. Their arrogance, arrogance and selfishness have been a constant insult to the entity and sentiment of an entire community “

“In any case, here we really agree with him Valencia CF fans also wonder how such a ‘small’ owner can give us such a big headache”

People will await Lim’s response if any does come. Lim is an illusive figure and the interview in the Financial Times was quite surprising.

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This article was edited by Josh Barker.