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UEFA president Čeferin rips into Super League chiefs; breaks familial ties with Agnelli

UEFA president Čeferin rips into Super League chiefs; breaks familial ties with Agnelli

Čeferin unleashes full volley into Super League ring leaders

UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin did not hold back in his recent comments about the attempted creation of a European Super League and the ring leaders behind it from their respective lairs in Madrid, Turin, and Barcelona.

Čeferin, who labeled Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez, Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli, and Barcelona president Joan Laporte as “incompetent” levied harsh words at the SL leadership when speaking to Der Spiegel (quotes sourced from MundoDeportivo).

“I would not mind if they left, it is very funny that they want to create a new competition and at the same time want to play the Champions League this season. Those guys have tried to kill football.

 The Slovenian-born UEFA chief was also unphased by the notion of Real Madrid trying to explain their financial plights despite some of their transfer wishes this past summer, particularly involving Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbappé.

“[Pérez] laments and says that the club [Real Madrid] can only survive with a Super League and then try to sign Kylian Mbappé for 180 million euros.”

All told, it is fair to say that Čeferin and the vast majority of the global footballing community are less than thrilled with a handful of powerful figures that tried to hijack the current football landscape in Europe.

Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli ostracized by UEFA headmaster on a familial level

And despite the familial connection between Čeferin and Juventus chief Andrea Agnelli, the top boss at UEFA has refused to speak to the Italian chairman in the wake of the attempted Super League coup.

When speaking to The Times, Čeferin made it plain that he has cut off all communications with Agnelli regardless of the fact that he is godfather to the Juve boss’s daughter.

The Slovenian also did not hold back in reflecting on the overall situation and how it has affected the relationship since after Agnelli lied to him about Juve’s involvement;

“He sent two messages with some jokes, as if nothing happened, but I didn’t reply. It happens in your life that you midjudge people, which I obviously did. I am not ashamed about it…”

With the fallout likely to not have reached a conclusion, especially with Barcelona president Joan Laporte going on record saying that the dream of a Super League is not dead, this is one drama that has only reached the end of its first act.

This article was edited by Ben Browning.