The EPL 8: Managers linked to Man United & Crystal Palace implicated in corruption. Here’s why it’s BS

The Premier League 8
The Premier League 8

The Premier League 8

You have to imagine that lawyers up and down England have been called into action on Thursday night.

As the Europa League matches were unfolding, news broke on social media regarding 8 high-profile Premier League characters who have supposedly been implicated in corruption.

The likes of Stan Collymore helped spread the list of eight men who have now been caught up in the Telegraph’s allegations of corruption in English football.

Moreover, the names have set off major alarm bells for the likes of Manchester United and Crystal Palace, as several of the names listed have significant relations with the respective clubs.

But let’s be clear.

We have absolutely no idea whether there is any credible information that the names on this list have indeed been involved in underhanded dealings in football.

Moreover, if the allegations are false, it’s a disgrace that these men are now having reputations tarnished by such destructive gossip.

And, for what it’s worth, we have major questions about the source of the information.

Who are

The names of the eight Premier League characters was first made by a little known website called

Stating the obvious, doesn’t have the same gravitas as the likes of the Daily Telegraph.

Interestingly, actually posted the eight names on September 28, however no one seemed to even notice until twenty-four hours later.

From where we’re sitting, that’s obviously a red flag.

But there’s a much bigger reason to believe the eight names mentioned in the list are completely made up.

At the bottom of the home page of, the website has an ‘About’ section which reads as follows:

A light humoured satirical look at life bundled together in this fine publication. All stories and content have been made up with the exception of some stories which are actually true.

So these eight names are complete BS, right?

UPDATE: Since we began writing this post, have removed their original article listing the eight managers.

That seems to be a clear admission the story was completely fabricated.

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