Man United conspiracy theory: Jose Mourinho’s camp leaked Newcastle sacking story

Jose Mourinho

Was Jose Mourinho’s camp behind the Newcastle sacking story?

An incredible Manchester United conspiracy theory was aired on the Totally Football Show podcast this week.

Turning back the clock to last Friday night, the Mirror broke the ‘news’ that Jose Mourinho would be fired after the Newcastle game.

The rumours flew about that regardless of what happened against Newcastle, Mourinho was heading for the chop.

On Saturday it was confirmed that Man United revoked the press pass for the Mirror’s journalist who broke the ‘Mourinho sacking’ story.

But was the Special One the source of the that rumour? Speculation is rife that Mourinho’s camp leaked the story.

Daniel Storey made the following statement on the Totally Football Show:

My suspicion is that it was leaked by Mourinho’s camp.

Mourinho has always been very clever at laying things at the media’s door, and I suspect that’s what he’s done again.

Gary Neville to replace Ed Woodward?

The Mourinho claim wasn’t the only conspiracy theory aired on the Totally Football Show.

Michael Cox voiced his belief that Gary Neville wants to replace Ed Woodward as Man United’s chief executive:

I think that Gary Neville would like Ed Woodward’s job. Seriously.

If you listen to Neville’s criticism it’s never about the Glazers. It’s never about the players or the manager.

Michael Cox also asserted that Neville has made it clear he doesn’t want to be a manager again after his time at Valencia.

Here’s a reminder of how Gary Neville reacted to the ‘Mourinho sacking’ story on Sky Sports.

Listen to all the Man United, Jose Mourinho and Gary Neville chat after 19 minutes on the audio unit below.

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