Jose Mourinho: Chelsea can win the Champions League (Video)

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Is Chelsea’s easiest route back into the Champions League, for season 2016/2017, through winning the competition again?

After a woeful start to the Premier League, after 15 games, Chelsea find themselves in 15th position and even a top four finish looks very unlikely.

There were many positive signs for the Blues in the 2-0 victory over Porto, but they would need Premier League winning form for the rest of the season to finish in a Champions League position.

With the likes of PSV or Gent up next for Chelsea – see all the probabilities here – Jose Mourinho’s side are surely a shoo-in for the quarter-finals.

And, with Jose Mourinho in charge, who knows what could happen.

After the Porto win last night, Mourinho was asked if Chelsea can win the Champions League and he gave a long answer:

“To win the Champions League, I think it is obvious that for a team that is struggling so much like we are, is not obviously a candidate to win the Champions League. In the Champions League you have the best teams in Europe but when we won in Porto in 2004 we were not candidates. When we won in Inter in 2010 we were not candidates. When we were candidates, we lost to semi finals with Real Madrid, we lost two semi finals with Chelsea so let’s see, you never know.”

On the next round, Mourinho said: “I think everybody wants to play us. I think every second team wants to play us. They don’t want to play Barcelona, they don’t want to play Real Madrid, they don’t want to play Atletico, they don’t want to play Bayern Munich. I think every team finishing second, they want to get us, they want to get Zenit.”