Jose Mourinho knows who to blame for Claudio Ranieri’s sacking from Leicester (Video)

Ranieri sacked

Premier League managers are today reeling from the news that Claudio Ranieri has been sacked by Leicester City.

Given how highly regarded he is among his colleagues, and his title-winning achievement at Leicester, the news has been met with absolute shock within the Premier League.

Most if not all Premier League managers have rallied round Ranieri, but Jose Mourinho really pulled out all the stops by wearing a shirt bearing Ranieri’s initials to his press conference.

Mourinho blasts Leicester players

And Mourinho didn’t hold back when asked for his feelings on the sacking; he gave Leicester’s ‘selfish’ players both barrels:

“If some of the stories I am reading are true or just a little bit true, I find it hard to accept.”

“Probably the season started with the typical selfishness of others, people thinking about new contracts, people thinking about leaving, people thinking about more money, people forgetting what helped them reach a certain level.

“But this is not just football. I think it’s also a bit our world, maybe your world too. Some principles are going away a little bit, but I lived through a similar experience.”

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