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Glen Kamara’s 3-match ban was originally set to be 5 games prior to Rangers appeal

Glen Kamara’s 3-match ban was originally set to be 5 games prior to Rangers appeal

Kamara was banned for 5 matches

The news was revealed that Rangers midfielder Glen Kamara had been banned by UEFA for 3 matches after being found guilty of assaulting Ondrej Kudela. The Czech Republic midfielder was given himself a 10 match ban for being found to have racially abused to Finnish midfielder.

However, it has come to light that Rangers launched a part-successful appeal of an original 5 game ban for Kamara. Scotland-based lawyer Aamer Anwar posted on social media at his frustration of UEFA’s decision and highlighted how the club had to appeal a ban set at half of Kudela’s punishment.

‘Kudela was found guilty by @UEFA of racist abuse towards @GlenKamara4 & banned for 10 games, this is the barest minimum penalty, making a mockery of UEFA’s claims on taking racism seriously-we had appealed a 5 match ban for @GlenKamara4 & now reduced to 3- full statement in hour,’ wrote Anwar.

Rangers have now published a statement of their own revealing that they will be appealing the decisions to ban Kamara and the 4-match suspension given to Kemar Roofe.

‘We welcome the suspension imposed on Ondrej Kudela. This not only vindicates Glen Kamara’s evidence but underlines the severity of the comment, given the maximum number of games has been imposed by UEFA.

‘Nevertheless, we believe the sanctions imposed on our two players (Glen Kamara and Kemar Roofe) are severe. We have written to UEFA, seeking clarification in writing on the basis that we intend to appeal the suspensions on both of players.

‘We will make no further comment on this matter.’

Slavia accept ban

Despite initial hostility after the investigation into the now guilty Ondrej Kudela from Slavia Prague, the club have released a statement of their intent to work towards improving the education of the club relating to the issues of racism.

Club president Jaroslav Tvrdik said, “OndÅ™ej was suspended for 10 UEFA games and as a club we respect the decision.

“In any case, Ondřej Kúdela should not have approached the opposition player. I deeply regret that and apologise to Glen Kamara for a situation that has clearly caused distress to him and his teammates, as well as everyone associated with Slavia and Rangers.

“I am taking positive steps to prevent such a situation from happening in our club ever again.

“We want to learn even more from this situation, and we are open to cooperation with major anti-racism British organisations on workshops and setting up even more robust internal club rules.”

Slavia Prague now play Arsenal, Glen Kamara’s former club, tomorrow in the Czech Republic for the second leg of the quarter-final clash.

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This article was edited by Robert Fosterman.